OP-ID (2018)

Producer • Director • Editor • Cinematographer

The rise in migrant deaths at the South Texas Border has created a humanitarian crisis. The dead are buried as “unknowns” without proper analyses or DNA collection, leaving no hope of identification. Operation Identification is a team in San Marcos, Texas who dedicate their time to help identify and repatriate their remains to the families who are left behind.

OP-ID is currently making the festival rounds. If you’re interested in screening OP-ID at your festival or venue, please contact me.


WATSON'S (2017)

Producer • Director • Editor • Cinematographer

Mrs. Watson loves to talk, and she loves her store. But most importantly, Mrs. Watson loves her customers with all her heart.


Producer • Director • Cinematographer

In 2001, eight friends gathered together after school to film a series of not-so-epic fantasy movies in their backyards. Now adults, the gang reunites to relive the glory days, by making one last film.


ELIAS (2013)

Producer • Director

What begins as a story about the life and death of Dr. Elias Ghanem, evolves into a tale about family and what it really means to lose a loved one.



Mark Montgomery is a phenomenal artist who is legally blind.