Drama | Thriller


After being hit by a car, Dylan Drayton is diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, which not only causes him to no longer feel any pain, but also gives him the unwanted ability to transfer the hurt he would have felt into others, with a simple touch. 


Dylan Drayton says goodbye to his wife Clare, like he does everyday before going to work, when a speeding car strikes him down in front of his house. After waking from a coma, Dylan finds himself diagnosed with rare brian tumor that cause him to no longer feel pain of any kind. 



Dylan Drayton

David Aman is angry, withheld, and unsure of the future. He's a high school drama teacher in his mid-30s who was just fired by Principal Jim Evans, his ex-wife's new lover. David is an intellectual who crosses the line early (secretly recording his young neighbor Audrey's every intimate moment) while writing a new play, and continues down the rabbit hole of voyeurism until he finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.

Clare Drayton

The femme fatale of our tale. Audrey is young and beautiful. She's the girl-next-door -- literally and figuratively. Much of her past in unknown, but thanks to David's audio and video capabilities, much is known of her present, and that of her boyfriend Ross's untimely death. Is she the sweet girl David envisions her to be while adapting her every day for his new play, or is she much more than that?


Vent is a voyeuristic and suspense filled film in the style Brian de Palma's Blow Out and Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation. One could not truly give Vent justice without taking into account the visual style and techniques used by these masters during the 70s and early 80s. Vent is nostalgic in story and style. The shot design, set design, color, and editing should all reflect this nostalgia. 


Download the screenplay to HURT here.