Dawn was my M.F.A. thesis film for Savannah College of Art Design. It was accepted into 17 film festivals. Dawn was the recepiant of the "Golden Ace Award" at the Las Vegas Film Festival, the "Best Drama" and "Alabama Award" at the Montgomery Film Festival, as well as a finalist at the USA Film Festival and an "Honorable Mention" at the Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival.


DAWN (2012)

Producer • Director

Kentucky, 1864 -- A young carpenter decides to hang himself. The despair and heartache of living alone after his beautiful wife passes away, taking with her their unborn child, is far too great for him to bear any longer. The empty hours begin wearing down on him. His mind slowly grows insane, causing him to forget the face of his wife. However, before he has a chance to die, a woman, chased by a relentless bounty hunter, breaks into his farmhouse in search for shelter. Confusion sets in when the carpenter believes the dying woman to be his lost wife, and with it comes a new-found sense of duty. He now has something to live for. Something to fight for.


Behind the Scenes